Screen Printing:


Screen printing is a very common method of creating t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, hats and other larger surfaces.The list really could go on forever and examples of screen printing are seen everywhere. The process is called screen printing because a mesh screen with a stencil is created for each color in a design in which ink is pushed through onto your t-shirt, creating a finished logo once combined. We use only the finest quality plastisol inks, which will ensure vibrant colors and will not crack, chip or fade. Even after hundreds of washes, screen printed shirts will not lose their appeal. We will screen print those that already have garments and just need the printing done. Screen printing is  Ink  printed directly onto the fabric. This process can be done in a single color or multiple colors. Screen printing is an excellent option to use in any type of volume order.

There is a screen set up charge for each color of a Custom Logo.

Please call for pricing.